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23 September 2010

Pike Place Market

A trip to Seattle is not complete unless you visit Pike’s Market. Unfortunately both visits were on rainy days (shocking I know) so I didn’t snap a lot of photos (rows upon rows of fresh veggies and fruits!). The fish market was exactly what I expected, loud, boisterous, full of tourists, smelly, and fun. They threw fish, yelled at onlookers, and chanted songs

And of course had many tempting choices

I decided on Alaskan King Salmon (and scallops) as a local favorite.

Thankfully they deboned and filed it up for me before packaging it to go

During this process the staff decided my cousin Cassie and I could entertain the crowds by proudly displaying the fish available for purchase

Poor Cassie is a vegan and as you can tell by her face wanted to die instead of holding that poor dead fish

But she was a sport and we had a blast – and most importantly walked away with yummy fresh fish for a family dinner al fresco.

Salmon, scallops, spinach, and hush puppies (not pictured as a bit of a timing issue)

Great food, great wine, and most importantly great company - my mom, dad, brother Erik, and grandpa – make for a wonderful evening. Oh yeah and the flowers my grandpa brought me (he always brings flowers to dinner such a true gentleman!)

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