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28 September 2010

Omaha Half Marathon Success

Not only did I sign up on a whim (with my longest “training” run being only 10 miles) the week of the race. I also decided it would be a great idea to indulge in several cocktails the day prior (pre race carb loading right?) and stay up past 1 am…. Despite these negatives I managed to get up and complete the Omaha Half on Sunday. Not only did I complete the Half, I also beat my last two times….I finished with a 2.10 time (which I realize is VERY slow for most of you but for me its slightly speedy). A bit concerned that the least prepared race of my “racing” career was one of my better performances. Could have been the cool temps, could have been the nice looking marines standing guard throughout the race and handing out medals, or maybe I am finally getting the hang of this running thing, most likely it was just a lucky day. Now if only I could gain some speed and actually run with my partners instead of behind them.

*Last minute race equals non matching outfits - sorry Cathi!

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