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29 September 2010

This house is taunting me

Do you have a house that has always pulled at you? The house you can picture yourself living in? This house does that to me and has just been listed for sale.

I have no idea what makes this house stand out. I even blogged last fall about how much I love it. It’s not super fancy, big, or flashy. It’s just a quaint home in my historical neighborhood. It has been for sale approximately four times in the last fifteen years and every time I look at it. The current owners have done a LOT of work (Removing layer upon layer of floral wallpaper for one) and it looks great.

I can envision the changes I would make to transform it to my home. It’s very affordable, but it only has one bathroom (shower – no tub which is huge to me) and a VERY small yard.

I am pretty sure I would miss my large private yard and I know I would miss having a bathtub. It’s actually much smaller than my home but that is part of the appeal. So many days I feel overwhelmed by the massive size of my home and I rarely use most rooms. This home would be cozy. But at the same time my home holds so much history, so many memories, and it is finally looking the way I desire. Decisions!

My dream home is a farmhouse or Tudor in the country on an acreage with a garden, chickens, cows, etc…

*Photos from Heartland Properties Website


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love it! And I'm ALL for down-sizing. :)

Rambling Renovators said...

Such a cute house. I love all the woodwork. I would be tempted by that house too!

Lissa said...

I love smaller houses! This house has so much character! very tempting indeed.

Teresa said...

I think it's adorable. Love the upstairs balcony. I have a house picked out in my town - not sure what I'll do if it ever goes up for sale, although I've never seen the inside. Maybe then the dream will die:)

Jeanneoli said...

Full of beautiful details. Hard decision.