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02 September 2010

Summer’s Final Blooms

I do not want it to be fall – and definitely do not want to be graced by winter’s presence. I love summer and would be elated if it was summer year round! But alas I live in the Midwest….In an effort to enjoy every last ounce of summer I picked a few zinnias from the garden.

Flowers always make everything better! I am debating planting several mums to help keep my spirits in bloom through this summer to fall transition.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I need some mums, too. And I'm loving any and every zinnia! It's been so dry here that most everything is looking quite pathetic. Those zinnias just keep on kicking, thank goodness!

ps- LOVE your profile pic!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Pretty flowers! I used a men's shirt for the dress. I bought two shirts a M and XL. The XL was too large across the top as far as the words wrapping around me. But the M was too short to be a dress. You can find a lot of tutorials out there. I honestly think I just got lucky with the way mine turned out. haha. The seam you were asking about was just elastic thread to make it cut in for shape.