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30 May 2012

Dream to Farm

I start my first college class in eight years tonight! At our local community college called Dream to Farm. It’s intended to teach how to operate a small scale farm operation that would support local farmers markets or restaurants. I am quite excited.
I often dream of farming when I retire. Or as a hobby now. I love my little garden, it brings joy to see things I plant grow, nothing is quite as tasty as something plucked right from my garden. Chickens are in my very near future. A mini pumpkin & gourd patch is in the works at my parents.
Hopefully after this class I can expand my horizons. Not sure yet exactly what that will entail but anxious to find out.
The possibilities are endless, especially as I am blessed with parents who have land near me, a grandfather who has land even closer, and a large expanse of land in Niobrara. I really hope to purchase farmland (bonus if it comes with a big red barn) of my own soon.

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