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14 May 2012

Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all of you that are Mothers had amazing days filled with love and joy. I have the best mom a girl could ever ask for – she isn’t just my mom she is also my best friend – so I wanted her to feel special on this day set aside just for her each year. I had cheese ready on the front porch to nibble on until brunch was ready.

Brunch was a mixture of fresh goodies from the farmers market or our garden (caprese salad, asparagus frittata, sage sausage, and blueberry/rhubarb crumble) served on the back patio.
The sun was shining but it wasn’t hot. The perfect day for dining al fresco! I even broke out my grandparents’ china for the occasion.
Complimented with pink peonies plucked from my yard. Happy Mother’s Day mom I love you so much and feel blessed and lucky to have you.


Raquel said...

Looks like you had a great mother's day, how nice of you. The food, the table spread, everything looks perfect

Crystal Cattle said...

Those peonies are amazing. I need to plant some at our house. They are my favorite. And the China is gorgeous. Glad you had such a great day with your family.