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25 May 2012

The Chicken Coop Debate

I have decided to give into my wants and get backyard chickens!!! Exciting news I tell ya. I always thought I had to wait for one of my very skilled bothers or dad to build me a coop. Then I stumbled upon a plethora of already built affordable options online.
This coop is currently the front runner due to its cute and functional design and  reasonable price. I realize as the chicks grow it will need a bigger outdoor run but that is easy enough to accomplish with some posts and chicken wire that even I can (hopefully) succeed at constructing.
This is another option but just seems like it’s a little too basic.
I really like the look of this coop but it is several hundred dollars more than the above coops and out of stock so I would have to wait until mid June. The poor chicks would be skirting death daily at the whims of Aeisha until then. No dice.
Right now I am love love loving this coop and run in the green. Swoony. But it’s also a small fortune for a backyard coop so possibly a silly purchase? I could purchase just the coop and build the run. But even the coop alone is much more than the others…
Any suggestions or thoughts? Do I go with the first coop and call it good? I can only have about four chickens since I live in town. Therefore no need for a big fancy coop. I’ll leave that for my parents and the other lucky ducks that live in the country. I’m just excited to embark upon this adventure.

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Raquel said...

Yay! You are getting the chickens! I think all of those coops are cute, they certainly do get fancy. Talk about chicken dream houses!