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08 August 2012

Drought of 2012

Last year it was the Flood of 2011 this year it’s the drought of 2012! Seriously could we please get a break from these extreme weather events! Most of the corn in this region has withered and died or is well on its way. Sad.
By some pure stroke of luck (probably because of the abundance of flood water in the field last year) our farmer’s corn in Niobrara seems to be faring somewhat well.
Granted these photos are a few weeks old but even then the corn looked stellar compared to other fields I have seen.
For some crazy reason I just love corn fields. I always get excited when it’s a corn year and not a soybean year. Fields of corn bring back memories of childhood (and teen years) playing amongst the tall stalks. One of these days I will finally host a dinner in the midst of these stalks of corn! You truly feel like you are in the middle of an enchanted place,

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