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29 August 2012

Dream Wedding Destination

I have no groom but that doesn’t mean I can still fantasize about a dream wedding. I am a girl after all!!
This place is called The Lily Barn and it located in Townsend , TN. Hello gorgeous!
 The landscaping was out of this world with every imaginable flower, tree, and bush. Perfect backdrop for pictures and cocktails.

The barns were to die for! The “reception” barn even had a massive stone fireplace. Dreamy!
 The smoky mountains in the background added to the overall beauty.
I need to start landscaping our lil slice of heaven in Niobrara as of yesterday so that someday I could achieve this same level of pretty for that far far away magical wedding.  

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Adam Sommer said...

Great photos! I have never been to Townsend, and after rewading all about it on your site I think I need to add it to my list of places to go!