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27 June 2014

When a real estate listing isn't quite what they advertise....

I am all for being optimistic and putting your best foot forward. However, as I was browsing real estate listing in Vieques  in preparation of our upcoming House Hunting International Trip as I call it I stumbled upon a listing for a Hotel we all had pipe dreams about last time we visited. The real estate listing does disclose that a full remodel is needed so I will give them that. But the pictures have to be quite outdated. Listing can be found on Island Real Estate. These pictures are from their site.

These are a few quick phone snaps I took when we were there in December....

Something is not the same. To help you get a better idea the grass you see in the above picture is the pool. Hmmm.... Listing says motivated seller - curious how motivated they are. Anyone interested in being a financial partner in a hotel in Vieques?? Seems like quite the amazing venture I think.

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