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24 April 2012

The Gambler 2012

I was dreading this race for the last several weeks. I am sadly about 10 lbs heavier than I should be right now, I slacked off the last month on training as let life and fun get in the way, the morning of the race was cold with gale force winds, and I just wasn’t motivated or excited. But it is a Council Bluffs race and I do love the nice flat course and all the amazing volunteers and cheerleaders so I bucked up and ran it.

Amazingly my time wasn’t quite as awful as I expected it to be. It was far from my best but at least I didn’t walk or run at a super slow snail pace (although sure my pace seems like a snail’s pace to many of you fast girlies!).

Most important I ran with a great group of family and friends and we were supported by even more family and friends which made all the pain and torture worth it! Thanks running and support crew!

My overall time was: 2:15:14, essentially a 10.20 minute mile. Blah. On a more positive note both my sister and my cousin finished second in their age groups! Congrats rock stars! And Curtis finished his first ever half marathon! My sister was the 7th girl overall to finish and my cousin the 10th! These girls are fast – I wish some of their speed could rub off on me.

I rewarded myself after the race with this lovely pile of goodies for my yard! Happiness.