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05 April 2012

Academy of Country Music Awards

I can’t put into words how amazing the ACM Awards were. Thanks to some truly wonderful and generous friends my brother, sister, and I ended up with tickets for the Pit area.

Literally touching the stage!

It was so fun to see how the production works for a large award show like that and even more fun to see so many country starts up close and personal either on stage or in the first few rows of the audience.

It would be hard to even pick a favorite performance of the evening. I definitely walked away with several new favorite songs and artists. Oh yeah and the three of us are now TV stars.

Those were just a few clips stolen off the TV. I was surprised how many times we were actually on TV – and my sister’s arms were possibly on the show the entire evening. LoL.


Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

HOW EXCITING! :) What an experience to have!

his little lady said...

oh my gosh!!!!! no amount of words can express my jealous!! how cool is this! and i love all the little tv snippets. you definitely are all famous now ;)
xo TJ

kimberly said...

Oh to have a reason to wear those fabulous dresses! What a great evening - thanks for sharing photos~ How lucky you are to have been able to see such wonderful performers that close!
Have a great week my friend,