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04 April 2012

Grandpa’s Lilacs

I bought my grandparent’s home when they passed. With it comes many many memories. One is the lilac tree in the backyard. My grandpa loved gardening, flowers, plants, and the whole shebang. Every spring the lilac blooms not only fill my yard and home with a heavenly scent they also bring back memories of him.

Sure do miss my grandpa but blessed to have the memories alive when enjoying these lilacs.


Raquel said...

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers/bushes. The smell of those is amazing. My parents have bushes & I love to steal them from my parent's yard & put vases of them in my room.

kimberly said...

This post touched me- as I was so close to my grandpa and would have loved to be able to own the home that really was the only constant "home" I had as a child. (we moved a lot) I have a lilac bush on the farm here that was from my grandma and aunties that was my grandpa's favorite and it means a lot to me.