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17 March 2009

I need my little brother in town more often

Yesterday I was going to do an easy 5 mile run after work. The weather was amazing. Justin was in town so he wanted to join me, but he wanted to run to and over the new pedestrian bridge. Running over the bridge would be cake but he wants to run to it from my house! This is 6 miles each way. I am so not up for a 12 mile run yet. So we ran there together and he ran back solo. The pace was much faster than my normal pace and I ran an extra mile. I would be in such better shape if I had him around to push me on a weekly basis. We also had a great workout at Offutt on Sunday.

The new bridge is really cool and there are some great running and biking trails around it. It also means I could essentially bike to work some days when the weather is nice. A great way to train for the Memphis in May Triathlon I may partake in. Still unsure about that – just don’t think I am fitness ready. I tried to convince Justin that we could do it as a coed relay, I had him convinced for maybe an hour. Then he informs me that he wants to do it solo as its lame to do it as a relay. Great.

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