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26 March 2009

My new ride

Not long ago several people wisely informed me that a mountain bike is so not going to cut it for a triathlon. It would make the ride harder and I would have a slower time. Even worse I would be one of maybe five out of thousands riding a mountain bike. Goodness I can’t be that nerdy inexperienced looking competitor. I need to look the part even if I end up with a horrible finish time. So a new road bike was purchased last week, I’m not ready for a triathlon bike yet nor do I expect I ever will be. This is the bike I really wanted.

Not for its mechanical specifications but instead for its cosmetics. I loved the color and style. I haven’t a clue what the difference is between the bikes. The sales rep (a former high school classmate) was sprouting off terms left and right while I admired the different colors and styles. I settled on a compromise and bought this bike.

Looks very similar just the wrong color. Somehow I just couldn't’t justify spending $800 more just for the prettier color. I know I know it is a better bike and sure the breaks or shocks or something like that are outstanding. But really I am far from a pro so I doubt any of that will help. The rep assured me the satelite is a great bike... Sales reps never give out false information to get you to buy something – just like attorneys never tell white lies to get their clients a positive verdict so I am very confident. Now I just need a helmet, shoes, and nice weather. These are the shoes I want.

Again not a clue if they are a good brand for biking but love the look. Any bike experts out there?


E said...

i am just learning this whole bike shoe thing too. i have read that sidis are really narrow, so might not be good if you have a wider foot. i didn't think they were that comfortable when i tried them on, but i have friends who swear by them and won't wear anything else. i myself have shimano road shoes and just bought a pair of shimano tri shoes (tri bike shoes have one velcro strap instead of road shoes which usually have three.) the shimano brand seem to work for me, but my husband likes the sidis (but he has long, narrow feet.)

Melissa Marie said...

I need to find a store here that sales the different brands and try them on I am sure. That way I can figure out what brand is best. Thanks for the suggestion I will definitely try the Shimanos as well. I’ve always been a mountain bike and tennis shoe person until now.