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07 February 2009

This is it.....

My last day in Kuwait. It still doesn’t seem real. It’s rainy and dreary here today – it never rains. This blog will no longer be “Midwest girl in the Desert” since no longer in the desert. It will have to be Midwest Girl, or maybe I can come up with something more creative. I’ll blog about trying to readjust to normal life, life in the US, life working a normal 9-5, life around family and friends, fixing up my house, dating (well maybe I wont blog about that as my grandpa reads this blog).

I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life, it’s exciting. But I am also sad to leave Kuwait. Kuwait and the Middle East have been home for more or less the last 5 years. Since graduating from Law school I have been here. It is weird to be leaving with no plans in the near future to return. I am sure I’ll deploy again at some point, but for the first time in several years I don’t have plans. Instead I am going to focus on truly reintegrating into life at home. Becoming a normal person again. We will see how it works. I will miss the adventure, I will miss the feeling of importance, and I’ll definitely miss the income. But I know there is a lot waiting for me at home as well, so maybe all of those things won’t matter. Or I’ll just have to make my own adventures.

Stay tuned for the next chapter………

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