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04 January 2013

Make Every Day Sparkle

I have loved seeing all the various New Year’s Resolutions on blogs. However, even better are those that have embraced what they have already been doing “right” and pledge to continue on with these great things.  I really love those (like this awesome chick) who are pledging to tackle small things that make every day better instead of crazy resolutions (like run a full marathon!). I figured I would try fun small everyday resolutions along with my large list. A way to make life sparkle while also giving you a sneak peak of the gorgeous Smoky Mountains. I FINALLY started to download pictures from our family road trip in August. Better late than never.

1.      Embrace down time & let myself be lazy
2.      Do something nice for a stranger at least once a month
3.      Buy (or pick) fresh flowers every week
4.      Savor a glass of wine (even better champagne) during a weekend bubble bath, enjoy a cup of tea with every weekday bath
5.      Dress up just because  - wear the party dress and fancy shoes to dinner with grandpa
6.      Host more dinner parties – eat out less
7.      Start a monthly ritual of cards or board games with friends and family
8.      Spend more time reading, less time on facebook
9.      Write thank you notes and mail them instead of just an email or text
10.  Have more picnics
11.  Don’t “save” anything other than money – use the fine china, wear the new shoes, drink the special wine, burn that fancy candle
12.   Have more fires in the fire pit and fireplace
13.  Go for walks purely to explore – not to get in running miles

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Raquel said...

I really like the bubble bath idea & hosting dinner parties. I haven't eaten out since New Years & am going to try to keep on cooking more for myself & others.