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28 January 2013

Moonshine Anyone?

I  have been a horrible blogger lately !I need start taking more pictures and relying less on Instagram as hard to forget that most of my family, friends are even on Instagram. For now still catching up on our summer road trip. When we were in Tennessee my grandpa was set on trying Moonshine.
To him this was a must do as Moonshine is what they drink in the South?? It was cute so we searched out a Moonshine distillery and went for a visit.

Cute place and the guy in the picture is real. Hello crazy!!
No offense to any Moonshine lovers or makers out there but I am just not a fan. The stuff is harsh – even disguised with fruit it was still pretty darn potent.
We did leave with a few bottles for fun and a jar of the moonshine soaked cherries which are always fun at parties. Any Moonshine lovers out there?

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Susannah said...

The moonshine distillary sounds like so much fun. My husband would love it!