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04 October 2011

Market To Market

We were M2M Virgins this year but still managed to pull off a third place finish in the all female division!! Woot Woot Annie and the Orphans!! We finished the 78 mile relay race with a time of 10:42:20, an average pace of 8.23 a mile. SPEEDY I am telling you. I of course did not contribute to this speed but did have an amazing first run (5.35 miles finished in 49:32 which is crazy good for me), second run was very very average (4.2 miles finished in ??? unfortunately forgot to record my final time but it was around 39).

Next year I will train much differently. Thinking speed work and two-a- day runs. That second run was brutal. Way harder than running a half marathon I think? Sure the halfl marathon 6 days prior didn’t help with my fatigue either. I will also bring a LOT less stuff! Other than removing layers as the weather warmed up we never changed clothes, so all the extra outfits were unnecessary. We also entertained each other just fine so I could have left the magazines at home. The Iphone/internet was essential though. At one point we were all cracking up that our team seemed to be commenting the most on teammates status updates. Love it!

Honestly a great great day with an outstanding group of women! I also can't rave enough about the race organizers. This race was unbelievably organized and everyone was so kind throughout the day. Can’t wait to compete again next year. Now to think of a theme…

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paula said...

you are ridiculously inspiring :)