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14 October 2008

River Jordan and Mount Nebo

Shockingly enough I actually tore myself away from relaxing by the Sea one afternoon. (I am definitely not very excited about history or touristy events.) Growing up my mom was great about ensuring we went to church, Sunday school, AWANA, all the good stuff. However I don’t really remember all the different events and locations from the Bible. I was so young the first time I read the Bible that after being in this region for several years where so many events in the bible took place I feel it may be a great time to reread the Bible. Weird how random things can inspire something you hadn’t thought of in years.

The River Jordan used to be about 200M wide and is now about only 9M wide! It is a very dirty river and actually no longer passes through the baptism site. However, I did see the site where Jesus was baptized, touch the River Jordan, and original churches that were built on the site (they are in the background of the baptism site) along with the new Greek Orthodox Church. We were on the Jordan side of the river but right across the river was the Palestine side and you could see the Israeli flag waving in the background. At one point my cell phone even registered that I was in Palestine! I could also see Jericho in the background. Mount Nebo was great as you were able to look out over a lot of the Jordanian countryside and get a good glimpse of the hills, we actually started at the very bottom and drove to the top. Mount Nebo also had a lot of great mosaics that they are restoring on display. Mount Nebo is significant in that it is dedicated to Moses again something from the Bible. Looks like I need to read up! Shopping in the town of Madaba was a bust as nothing of interest to get and was not able to add any children’s items to the hope chest.

Enjoy the photos even though I choose a terrible shirt to wear as it makes me look huge in all the photos. Not sure what I was thinking other than I was trying to wear something conservative for the region.

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