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10 October 2008

Floating in the Dead Sea

Right now blogging from my hotel balcony overlooking a wedding. I am in Jordan at the Dead Sea and it has been amazing. On the flight here I was def. the only American which is always a bit different. Jordan, or at least what I have seen of it so far, was not quite what I expected. I expected it to be a bit more modern than what it is. Driving from Amman to the Dead Sea was very cool as we drove though all these massive canyons where you could look out the window and see how far up we were. I wish I would have had my camerea out. The Dead Sea itself, the lowest point on earth, is unlike anything else. There are no living things as they can't survive but the water has many minereals that are amazing for the human body. When you get in the water you automatically float due to all the salt. It is actually very hard to swim or stand upright as your body just bounces back to floating. All the rocks near the water are covered in salt. It has been a very relaxing day and always great to experience new cultures. I will be sure to post lots of photos when I get home. Until then I am going to explore as much as I can in the short time I am here. I wanted to make it to Petra but was told it is 3 hours away one way. Not so much on that.

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