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08 October 2008

Good News Bad News

Today I briefed our new Commander. It went extremely well, better than I had even hoped for. He expressed several times how impressed he was with how the office and our systems and with me. It was obviously flattering and always great to receive such positive feedback. He also agreed to support me on several key issues which is a step in the right direction.

However we also had the dreaded talk about how he really hoped I would reconsider and stay longer. I thanked him for his confidence in me but stated they should proceed with the offer that was made to my selected replacement. He agreed, but only if I promised him that I would visit him if she were to turn down this offer and have a conversation about what it would take for me to stay. Three hours later I get a phone call from my current supervisor informing me the individual selected as my replacement has turned the offer down…How can this be! I now must do some soul searching and list making of pros and cons and decide where to go from here. I miss home tremendously and am ready to move on with life, but I also don’t want to leave this program unmanned and have it fall apart again. Now what.

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