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28 October 2008

A perk

I finally got a new vehicle. They have been telling me for months I would but it never happened. The “rule” of sorts is once your vehicle has over 60,000 KM it becomes on post only. Mine had 78,000+ KM and I was still stuck with it. I finally decided to take action, good grief I dated the DOL (Director of Logistics) at one point that should get me some sort of a perk. So I marched on in the office and demanded a new car, a few hours later I left Camp Arifjail with a new SUV and a dinner date. Not too shabby.

The Prado has been good to me the last almost two years but it was looking a bit worse for the wear. May have been my poor driving skills…I did manage to have a minor fender bender in the ol Prado. Backed into some poor British guy – although it was partially his fault. The beauty of it all was that I have diplomatic immunity so I received no ticket and had to pay not a dime. I may have also hit a pole or two from time to time as parking is tight here. Again no repairs required just turned it in and received a new car as an exchange.

The new car is an improvement, it’s not the Lexus convertible I have been craving for years but that will come eventually. The GMC Envoy has only 8000 KM and looks much nicer as new with no dents, scratches, stains. I like the white color much better than the grey as well. Always a bonus when you get a new car for free, free gas, and free upkeep. One advantage to working overseas.

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