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06 October 2008

What I do all day...

Figured I would start with the important stuff – or at least what pays the bills and funds all the vacations and entertainment. So until I can open that Wedding Shop this is my life. Looong days are spent viewing loads of villas and apartments, picking out furnishings (my favorite part), negotiating deals, writing contracts and leases, researching relevant laws and regulations, and more or less babysitting and catering to a large number of grown adults. Never in my life have I dealt with so many interesting individuals. Crazy tenants aside I absolutely love my staff and the position. I have such a wide variety of nationalities on my staff so everyday is a learning experience. I have Americans, Kuwaiti's, Lebanese, Egyptians, Iraqi's, and Indians. I work with an even wider variety when negotiating and finalizing deals. It is great and keeps work interesting and entertaining.

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N.M.B. said...

You have great style! :)