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18 October 2008

Jahra Copthorne

The other day I drove to the middle of the desert (well Herb drove) to check out a new hotel. It was a diamond in the rough. All around was sand sand and more sand. However here in the middle of nowhere was this gorgeous new hotel by Copthorne. I was pleasantly surprised and wished I would have known of it earlier as would be a fun party spot or getaway for friends over a long weekend - not that I have many here, but if I did. We went to decide if it would be suitable for some of our tenants that work at the Northern Camps. It would cut their daily commute by over and hour and half. Plus they are living at a hotel with maid service 3 times a week (to include laundry), free breakfast, an amazing pool and gym. How lucky for them.

The owner's daughter was getting married at the hotel the next day so it was bustling with activity. I would have loved to have been able to see what the wedding was going to look like as I am sure it was over the top and gorgeous. The bride and groom's getaway car was parked out front of the hotel and we were able to snap a few shots in it. Turns out it was once the car of one of the Princesses of England. Nice huh! If only we all had loads of money to burn.

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