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16 October 2008

Inappropriate clothing

Today my linguist and I took the CID crew to the Ministry of Justice to do research. Long story short as we were leaving a Kuwait looks at me, starts pointing and talking. I can tell he is not happy. After we walk past I ask my linguist what he said. Turns out his exact words were "what does she think she is doing dressed like that". Are you kidding me? What business of his is it? And to clarify I was wearing a very conservative outfit of loose fitting khakis and a button up shirt (again not overly tight) that went to at least mid arm if not almost elbow. Gotta love Kuwait and their Muslim attitudes. I guess since I didn't have a black abaya on covering all but my eyes I looked a bit too promiscuous for his taste.

This same mentality is why I ran last night in a velour track suit (in 37 degree Celsius weather my friends!). Because the only other workout clothes I had at the office were a pair of shorts and a tank top. And its against the law for a female to show her shoulders or heaven forbid her knees in a public place. There is something to be said for showing some class and modesty but to this extreme? To rebel I wore a halter top tonight to the US Embassy Happy hour because I could, and I may even have had a drink because alcohol is legal there.

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