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22 October 2008

My love/hate relationship with Jazeera Airlines

Today was the Jazeera 10KD no taxes sale (20KD round trip) from noon to 6. Jazeera is a local carrier that flies no frills (think Southwest Airlines) flights to locations around the Middle East at very reasonable rates. The plan was get on at noon and book tickets to Istanbul, Turkey for my birthday. Simple right? Wrong. All started off well.

But then quickly went downhill as these screens kept displaying. I guess EVERYONE wanted 20KD tickets to escape Kuwait and the server was overloaded.

I was not to be beaten by Jazeera Airlines. I spent all afternoon refreshing and retrying. Perfect use of my time as of course I had nothing else I could possibly be working on. Finally at 340

Success!! I won I won I won – well really I just bought tickets but it felt like winning. Istanbul it is for my 30th Birthday. Now just have to convince my mom and dad to meet me there as well (and now I definitely need to do some work).

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