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20 October 2008

Searching for fall decorations

It was too dusty on Friday for the pool. Yes you heard correct, too dusty. Here in Kuwait VERY rarely is it too cold or too rainy for the pool, instead it is often too dusty. I guess I shouldn’t complain as I get to go to the pool approximately 9 months a year which is much better odds than in Council Bluffs. I decided I would spend Friday trying to decorate for fall. First I went here hoping for some fall decorations.

All I really found was fall candles which I spent $80 on! Between the cost to import items and the awful exchange rate everything is very expensive here. So my next stop was to the plant souk in hopes that they would have fall flowers or pumpkins, gourds etc…

No luck here either but I did get a few cute things to plant in the pots by my front door. They currently held trees that had fallen victim to the 50+ Celsius heat of summer. Now my front door looks much better!

Still on the lookout for some pumpkins, gourds, or something fallish. Sure makes me miss Wal-Mart and farmer’s markets! At least Saturday was warm and sunny so I was able to get my sun fix.

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