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07 October 2008

Good thing I have a maid!!

As this is what I came home to one day after work. My sweet kitty Aeisha is adorable and I am trying to train her to act like a lady she really is a Kuwaiti desert cat at heart and quite the little huntress (I guess that is what I get for adopting a kitten the Camp Arifjan vet found in the desert). This day she managed to not only catch and kill a bird while outside playing but thought it best to drag inside and tear it to pieces in one of the bathrooms. Thanks Aeisha! All will be proud to know that I definitely didn’t clean it up, just shut the door and left it for the maid.

* Something for those of you at home to drool over – yes I have a maid and she comes twice a week. She cleans my whole house, changes sheets, irons, and washes dishes all for a bargain price of KD35 ($134.61) per month! I am very lucky.

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