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30 October 2008

It's not quite Park Avenue but...

I figured I should post photos of my neighborhood. It is definitely not the nicest in Kuwait but far from the worst. Overall I would say it is a very average typical neighborhood in Kuwait. It looks like I live in the hood but I swear I don’t. My complex is one of the newer buildings and is definitely the diamond in the rough. I can’t post photos for Force Protection reasons until I return home. However without further ado the hood….

Yes people hang clothes out their windows, I guess since no yard for the clothesline the patio must make do.

Yup, wires hang from 90% of the homes, they haven’t quite mastered the idea of central wiring for phone lines, cable, etc…I am sure everything is quite safe.

I don’t have sidewalks and more often than not people park anywhere they feel like so the streets are hard to navigate at times. Trash is also left out in huge piles from time to time until trash day arrives (not even sure when trash day is!). The concept of only putting trash into a bin on a set day just hasn’t caught on here.

Also buildings are never built to last – they are built to last for a certain amount of time. This one has obviously exceeded its time and is now in tear down phase, just last week it was full of people. As you can see some people are still residing in the partially gutted building. Nice eh! Word on the street is if a landlord decides to tear down a building he must allow all the residents to live rent free for 6 months to allow them time to save money and locate a new home. Guess these final few residents are sticking it out till the bitter end.

I’ll post photos of my home later so you can see that it truly is nice.

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