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30 June 2009

Clean Floors Finally

I am so excited. It was amazing last night to what a difference a bit of sanding can make. I can’t wait to come home to a house that feels new, fresh, and clean after vacation. I haven’t had clean floors since I lived at my parents. How sad is that! Almost 10 years of icky floors. First it was nasty shag carpet, linoleum, then wood but it was in desperate need of refinishing so never felt clean. Here is a photo recap. The floors looked like this in the kitchen:

Nasty! And I am such a stellar painter that I managed to get black on them to compound the nastiness. The formal living and dinning room looked like this:

Not horrible but not good. Just never felt clean and as you can see in this close up they were ridged from water damage so not smooth either.

The entry was also very gross.

Upstairs was better but still not good. The casual living room looked like this

And the patch job from where I assume a wall divided the room into two was blaringly obvious

The master bedroom was probably in the best shape and initial glance not bad

But upon further inspection really not pretty.

So after a loooong weekend (thanks Justin for all the help!!) of tearing up linoleum (five layers in this entry)

And all the oak flooring downstairs (it was in bad condition and had pine underneath so the floor guy recommended refinishing the pine not oak. Who puts wood on top of wood!)

And pulling more nails than I ever imagined the floors were ready for the professionals. After just a few hours of sanding the change was amazing. Here is a close up of the wood:

Looks fresh, clean, and new. The formal living room downstairs

The entry was a huge improvement

And the upstairs casual living area looks great

As does the bedroom

I am super excited to see what is complete today when I get home from work!! It's definitely going to be worth sleeping on the sun porch for the rest of the week.

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