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18 June 2009

CWS Weekend Recap

It’s Thursday – where did this week go! Last weekend was amazing and has me wishing it was starting again tonight. Visitors please come back! After picking Kimberly up from Eppley we headed straight to Blue for amazing sushi and martinis

But the fun was quickly halted as Kimberly was having numbness of her face (this actually started Thursday night but since she is so high speed and a combat vet she flew to Omaha anyway!) so a trip to the ER for a diagnosis was required.

After three plus hours in the ER it was determined she has Bells Palsy! Very scary but luckily she has a mild case and will hopefully have a full recovery very soon. After a quick stop for medication and drinks (the pharmacists cleared her to drink – sweet!)

happy hour at my house as a prelude to my parent’s party for the Mayor of CB and his wife (just to show you how small town CB is at times!).

With the highlight of the night being Rock Band! The “mature” (sounds better than older) crowd were rock stars! Their skills and concentration impressive.

We tried to show them up – my first Rock Band experience and I definitely wont be quitting my day job!

So much fun and the night was not complete without a final stop at Barleys. Too bad only two of us were able to rally enough for that adventure.

Saturday had an early start with the delivery of Jerry to Eppley. All sorrows were quickly forgotten upon arrival at Rosenblatt where we kicked off the College World Series

A full day of tailgating excitement

And a few hours at Starsky’s that led to pure craziness for part of the afternoon.

Kimberly and I were rooting for opposing teams – her team won.

I really wanted Virginia to go far this year. The head coach, Brian O’Connor, is from CB and a great guy. Unfortunately they lost last night (in the looongest game in baseball history that went into 4 extra innings!) by one point. Tragic for me but great for Kimberly as LSU has a good chance at the CWS 09 title. My camera broke Saturday so sadly that is the end of the photo recap (unless I find photos from Sunday my mom took). Hopefully it will be repaired tonight just in time for another weekend of CWS.

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