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02 June 2009

If I had a million dollars…

Ok I don’t really need a million, just half a million. But either way it seems to be a bit of a pipe dream at the moment. I can’t seem to justify spending that much money on something so small. Saturday was the Downtown Living Tour and I was finally able to check out the Riverfront Townhomes. I LOVED them! They felt perfect – I wanted to move in immediately. With all the house renovation and repair work at the moment I crave a new place where everything works and I don’t have to spend all my spare time fixing, painting, yard work, etc….this is the place. It has a great open floor plan on the first level

A deck overlooking the Missouri River and the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge

The master bedroom has a balcony and great views (Kirk not included in the price)

Along with a very cool bathroom with seperate shower and bathtub

The top floor was a large living room

And an amazing rooftop patio with even better views perfect for cocktail parties with friends

It would be awesome to walk to work everyday (well maybe not in the dead of winter) and be right in the heart of the downtown excitement. Yet this is just far enough off the beaten path that it wouldn’t be noisy and annoying. The great trails for biking and running are a few steps away. I love my house and its history, my neighborhood is great. I just don’t love looking like this

in my spare time and feeling like a constant pain in the behind by having to rely on my poor dad and brothers to help me with all the tasks that I am not equipped. Being the girl I was never taught dry walling, wiring, plumbing, etc…They are troopers and always there to help but they have their own homes, careers, and projects.

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