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03 June 2009

A glimmer of hope

Wallpaper is hung, lighting installed, woodwork painted, and I am in love! I am thrilled with the new look of my kitchen (full review to come mid July when floors are finished and appliances installed), even with its old house imperfections. Remember the old kitchen looked like this - ick

I may have lost my cool a few days ago with the house and all those involved. I normally love projects and its fun to see things change from awful to amazing (or close). But right now I am feeling overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of awful that needs tackled. I feel as though my life has been a constant state of renovation mess since my return home three months ago. Add in trying to adjust to a new job and essentially a new life and its not pretty. I am ready for a clean organized house! Next weekend I have guests coming to visit for the College World Series so the pressure is even worse. Two weeks ago the “guest bedroom” looked like this

Definitely not fit for a guest. Not to fret, the room is currently undergoing transformation and will be guest ready by next Thursday. Maybe not up to five start standards but at least four stars I hope!

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