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11 June 2009

Let the games begin...

The yard is freshly mowed.

The house restored to some level of sanity with not a power tool in sight.

I feel like jumping for joy, my house feels like a home again and is ready for guests! The bar and fridge are well stocked and ready for the weekend. The weekend kicks off tonight with the Heartland Properties party and there’s no quitting til Monday. For the first time in weeks I don’t feel compelled to work on the house or train for a half marathon. My agenda is to enjoy my friends, family, and summer - if the sun would come out.

As of Saturday we will be cheering Virginia or Texas on to a Victory and tailgating it up. There are sure to be great stories (many I predict will not be suitable for documentation on this blog) and memories made. My first College World Series in 5 years due to deployments. I am EXCITED – just please please keep the rain away and bring out the sunnnnnn.

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