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04 June 2009

Half Marathon this weekend!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost time for my second half marathon! I am running the Council Bluffs Half Marathon on Sunday. Here is the course:

A nice scenic route along the Missouri River and Lake Manawa and pretty much all flat. That’s the type of run I can handle. Its predicted that there will be almost 1,000 runners! Great for the first year. Very excited to participate but also nervous as it’s my home town. At least in Lincoln I didn’t know anyone so less chance of looking lame – here I’ll know lots of people. Plus I feel pressure to finish faster than the last half marathon. Ugh! We’re running it as a family (myself, my brother, sister in law, and cousin) as we have family reunion this weekend – an excuse to escape early. Shirts are being made tomorrow…

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X-Country2 said...

Did you really see me? Did I look wet, tired, and miserable? Because that's how I felt!

I'm anxious to read your report. How did you think the race went? It felt more like a training run than a race, but I thought it was well organized and a good course. Who knows how well that skinny trail will work if they get more racers someday, but for how many they had, I thought it was just fine.