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24 June 2009

In Bloom

All the crazy rain showers might not be good for my tan but they are definitely great for my yard. It’s so fun to have a yard again, not just concrete! Oddly enough I will gladly spend all day out in the blazing sun mowing, pulling weeds, planting. Yet I pay someone to clean my house as I hate it that badly. So far I’ve only made minor cosmetic changes to the backyard as I am waiting on the landscaping (new tiers, new retaining walls, etc…). As of next week I will have a whole tier just for gardening! But since that isn’t done I had to improvise. I came up with this idea for herbs and lettuce

And amazingly they seem to be growing great. Then my wonderful mommy gave me this tomato plant

it already has some small green tomatoes. Can’t wait for them to ripen. The items I am the most proud of are probably the pepper and tomato plants I started from seed. Quite the green thumb I am!

Ok I might be exaggerating but I am excited that not only did the seeds sprout they seem to be coming along nicely. I started a bit late I know but better late than never, now I need the garden area to be complete so I can plant in the ground. Is it too late to plant a garden? I wonder if there are any items I could still plant or will I have to wait until next year? This lovely bush started blooming yesterday

It was planted by my grandpa years ago. It's actually very pretty so staying put along with his massive lavender trees that I love. The plants in the retaining wall are finally adding a punch of color to the patio

Soon the shoddy looking shed will be gone. It was my grandpa’s shed but its in horrible shape. I want to save the side boards to use somewhere else, maybe in a shed back near the woods. Any ideas?

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