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10 June 2009


Corps Day (organizational day for the USACE) was last Friday and consisted of an awards ceremony, picnic, then baseball game at Rosenblatt. We were all given 4 hours off work to attend. Game plan was to arrive early have a drink or two at Starsky’s (a very “fabulous” bar that is only a hit during CWS) and then attend the ceremony. Turns out Starsky’s was closed so we deviated to Plan B = a beer in the parking lot. No go, we were scolded by the lot cops that open containers aren’t allowed. Next up Plan C, beer in water bottles I had in the jeep. No go, this was interrupted by a lady yelling for help. She must have had heat stroke or something – not sure. The four of us called 911 and stayed with her till the paramedics arrived. Eventful start to Corps day eh! By then it was time for the big ceremony and award presentations.

Awards were given out for length of service. Several people had in 30+ years and one lady has 49. 49 years with USACE are you kidding me!! Wow. Luckily by the end Starsky’s was open for business so a group of us headed over for “a drink” before the picnic and game. Finally success (not that anyone has a drinking problem it was just hot out and a Friday afternoon).

A drink turned into several pitchers, some darts (my partner and I won hence the victory dance), and a whole lotta fun! The place was actually full of Corps folks when we walked in - everyone had the same idea.

Who knew work peeps could be so entertaining (well I know Tia is entertaining but wasn’t sure about the rest). I actually had to make myself leave by 8 to head to Platte River for the family reunion. This was a good 3 hours later than planned. So much for my no drinking on race weekends plan. Future happy hours are currently being planned. The longer I am back the better it gets. I feel like part of a team again. I also foresee drinks at Starsky’s in the very near future as College World Series starts Saturday – woo woo.

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