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23 June 2009

Heat Wave

It’s a full on tropical climate without the beauty of the ocean. It is 87 degrees (high expected is 94) today with a heat index of 105. Ugh! It seriously feels like a steam room outside. Sitting through CWS baseball is full out torture. Running outside seems near impossible. It was hot in Kuwait, real hot, like 140 degrees hot. But it was a dry heat and believe it or not I would take 140 over this humidity any day. This is the first summer I have been home in five years and its amazing how quickly you forget – I don’t remember humidity being this brutal. Usually high 80’s or low 90’s would be my favorite temperature but not so much at the moment. At least my skin feels soft. Makes me want to lounge by the pool in a bikini with a cool drink. I miss the C Club!

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