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29 January 2009

Kuwait City

More photos of Kuwait for your viewing enjoyment. These are Kuwait City which is the main commercial hub of Kuwait. All the ministries are located in this area as are many businesses. This is the oldest part of Kuwait as you can tell from the architecture. Many buildings look very ragged and in need of renovation or tear down.

What amazes me the most about Kuwait is that there are these amazing modern buildings and high rises mixed right in with the shambley old buildings.

The Kuwait stock exchange. Things are starting to go bad in this part of the world as well.

The Grand Mosque which is a major tourist point of interest and I can sheepishly admit I have never been! Maybe I should squeeze in a visit before I depart.

A stop at the Garment district to pick up the suit I had custom made. It is very cheap to buy material and have clothing made. I paid KD 8 for the material ($31) and KD 35 ($135) for the tailor. Very cheap (for a suit that includes jacket, skirt, and pants), however I don’t really like the final product. It’s very well done just something about it I am not thrilled with. My brother loves his suits though as do most of the men. I wanted to have a formal made but never took the time.

A sidewalk market full of scarves, dishdashes, shoes, etc… I tried to drive a hard bargain but it wasn’t working so I’ll try again at a different venue. I did manage to buy a blue scarf for wear at Creighton games.

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