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08 January 2009

Happily back in Kuwait and back in the grind

This was my motivation to return to Kuwait.

My crazy little kitty. I was so happy to see her – especially after the scare the other day when she couldn’t be found. Aeisha followed me around everywhere from the moment I walked through the door and of course slept with me last night. If I ever get a serious boyfriend I am sure this is going to go over brilliantly. We’ll see how much she likes me in about a month when I stick her in a cage for 24 hours to bring her home.

I am trying for a positive outlook this morning so decided to quickly come up with all the reasons I am excited to be back in Kuwait, even though realistically I wish I were starting my new position in Omaha. It was great to get up this morning and work out at home.

 I am also excited that I can run outside later today without having to bundle up or worry about slipping on ice. While we are talking weather I am VERY grateful it was already 10 degrees Celsius at 6 am this morning. Definitely an improvement from Omaha weather and the fact I don’t even need a jacket –let alone a scarf, mittens, etc… makes me very happy. Tomorrow’s outlook on weather.com is promising as well.
" Fri Jan 9: Sunny with a High of 68°, Low of 42°, 0% chance of precipitation"

Jacob bringing me tea & bottle water (which is free) throughout the day, washing my car, and offering up breakfast this morning also makes me excited to be back in Kuwait. I will definitely miss Jacob and his wife when I leave. I have become very spoiled. So there – even though I have a stack of work to tackle and a serious case of jet lag I am glad to be in Kuwait.

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