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19 January 2009


Where to even start? Overall not what I was hoping for. It all started with the beyond awful hotel room. I can’t even begin to express how disgusting this hotel was. Granted it was on the cheap side BHD30 ($80) per night, but still even for that price I didn’t expect it to be quite so dirty. The rooms were overly dated as you can see and they smelled bad.

The curtains and linens didn’t even match. And the linens were very scratchy. On top of that the bathroom was so uninviting that I couldn't even bring myself to shower in it!

Even the shampoo and conditioner were questionable.

To make matters worse there were stains all over the carpet and paint peeling off the wall.

And bars on the windows! I really wanted to cry when I first walked in.

I love luxury hotels, I don’t even like middle of the road hotels, and this was about as bad as it gets. It was even worse than my Red Roof experience in Tennessee several years ago. I did manage to pull it together enough to get dressed for an evening out. First we went to an Italian place for dinner, however the place was dead which concerned me a bit (and it was in a shady area of Bahrain). So I consumed a fair amount of wine and very little food (due to the questionable nature of the place). Probably where the night started to go wrong.

From there we headed to JJ’s a very cool bar on the right side of Bahrain. It was packed.

JJ’s was loaded with cute guys, the music and atmosphere were very fun. I even danced!

However by the end of the night I was quite ill and this continued into late the next evening. I can not remember the last time I was this ill! I don’t know if it was mixing drinks, the food, or the ice at the scary hotel but it was bad. By mid-afternoon I decided I could not stand the icky hotel any longer and just wanted to be home. So I booked a flight for that evening and left Bahrain early and headed back to Kuwait. It was a rough flight as I didn’t feel good but well worth the extra cash and sickness to be home early. I have never been so happy to be home in my nice classy clean bedroom!!

Even though I did have a few fun hours in Bahrain, overall it was a bust due to the nastiness of the hotel and the sickness. Part of me wants to give Bahrain one more chance and stay in the nice part of town!

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