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15 January 2009

Pirated DVDs

I know it’s bad and I know I shouldn’t buy them….but I do. I just can’t help it. In my defense you can rarely get the original version here (or watch the shows as AFN is always at least one season behind), instead you have to order online, pay shipping, and it takes forever to arrive. Satisfaction is greater when I pay only 1KD per disc and watch the movie or show immediately. I even have a guy that comes to the office with a suitcase full – can’t get much easier than that!

Movies currently in the theaters are available, sure you might get a head in the way from time to time or hear the audience commentary, but that’s all part of the fun. I would rather watch from my own home than in a movie theater with some stranger next to me any day. I really dislike movie theaters, such a strange concept to me. Who wants to try to relax and watch a movie with a bunch of weirdos? I don’t buy fake watches, or bags, or sunglasses but I can’t seem to refrain from the DVDs.

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