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27 January 2009

City Center

I have very few photos of Kuwait. So over the next few days I plan to snap away. Today I made a quick trip to the City Center mall. This mall is not flashy like the Avenues with name brand stores, but instead has a lot of fun and affordable items the locals use daily.

Anyway there were some great architectural details. I really loved the lights.

On my way out I passed by this sign and figured I would explore a bit more.

Nothing like a full cow hanging in the window to entice you in to buy meat!

I also made a pit stop at the local beauty salon for eyebrow threading. Yes threading, not waxing. They have an amazing technique where they use thread to remove excess hair. It works great and is cleaner look than waxing. Hurts like you wouldn’t believe and brings tears to my eyes but worth it.

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