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23 January 2009

I ran my first 7 mile run today.

And I didn’t collapse or puke which I figure is a great start. I won’t be breaking any records anytime soon, but surprisingly it was fairly easy. I downloaded the 12 week marathon training plan from Nike+ onto my Ipod and I have successfully completed week 1 of the training. So I registered for the Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half Marathon.

It’s official; May 3rd I’ll run my first half marathon. I figure by paying the fee and putting it out for all to know that I plan on running this half marathon it will motivate me to stick to the training plan and not back out. Plus there is that competitive side of me that wants to prove I can do it. And for additional motivation I know I can’t let the sister-in-law and her friends smoke me so I need to be somewhat prepared.

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