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13 January 2009

Jazeera sale

Of course,

This comes exactly two days after I purchased my ticket to Bahrain. Such is my luck, I could have saved over $100 (as the ticket price is KD 1 but you still pay taxes)!! The only saving grace is that it’s for travel as of January 18th and we are leaving on the 16th. But really I didn’t care what weekend we went, could have waited till the next weekend. I am staying at a bargain hotel – the Gulf Gate, its only BHD20 (about $78) a night!

Don’t be fooled, I didn’t choose the hotel and am actually quite worried about it. One review on tripadvisor.com stated it was “disgusting”. Perfect! I wasn't even able to find a good photo of the hotel.... Had I been the planner it would have been the Ritz Carlton Bahrain.

Or if I had a sugar daddy, the Banyan Tree Al Areen.

I am trying to not be a Diva and go with the flow – so the Gulf Gate it is. I will definitely purchase alcohol at duty free and begin drinking immediately upon arrival to ease any pain I may encounter.

This sale makes me contemplate squeezing in one more last minute trip to Dubai or Doha! Bargain flights I like, whereas bargain hotels - not so much.

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