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21 January 2009


Grocery shopping is always an experience in Kuwait. Most items are written in Arabic prices only so always a surprise what the price is. The selection is also very limited, especially for non Arabic brands or types of food. Meat is questionable at best from the local grocery stores so usually must be bought frozen at the PX on base. Lest just say I LOVE grocery shopping when I go home. I am always overwhelmed by the massive selections, the cleanliness, and the great prices. I especially love the gourmet stores like Whole Foods, Harry and David, and Patrick’s Market. Until then it’s the local Co-ops (that is what the stores are called). This used to be where I shopped:

Nice eh? Even better you had to go next door to a different store to purchase any fruit, veggies, or eggs.

Jabriya recently upgraded to a new Co-op luckily. So I now shop here which is larger and cleaner than the previous option.

And finally I’ll leave you with a visual of what 19KD (approximately $73) will buy you at the store. Note it is limited and really no meat products other than turkey for Aeisha. Food here is quite expensive.

And this, which I will miss!

Coke light is a million times tastier than diet Coke. Trust me. I am actually going to ship several cases of Coke light home as part of my household goods. Nutty I know.

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