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10 January 2009

Christmas Break Recap

Christmas break was amazing. The highlight was definitely the offer of a new position as an attorney with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Omaha!! I can’t wait to start in March.

Christmas was great – between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I was able to spend time with my entire family which is rare. What recession? The aftermath of Christmas Morning.

A little last minute tree preparation – hey I have an excuse I didn’t get home till December 23rd and we went to the Manheim Concert that night so really no time.

Christmas dinner at my house.

My wonderful family.

My 30th Birthday party hosted by my super generous parents – even though my dad was none to thrilled, or at least had to pretend not to be – at the Indian Oven.

From there the Dubliner which turned into after hours at my house.

A new 4X4 to navigate the crazy winter weather that comes with living in the Midwest, so not looking forward to that part of moving home. It’s rugged, 4 wheel drive, but luxurious all in one.

I of course should have never taken the little brother along as instead of purchasing the bare minimum standard Jeep I ended up with the Jeep Unlimited Sahara which includes leather seats, GPS navigation, Sirius radio, the works.

The break wouldn’t have been complete without celebrating New Years Eve! We started off with Champagne cocktails at my house.

Next up Regal Lanes for very classy bowling. Hey it was entertaining and better than sitting at the bar all night.

And finally Barleys for a final drink (or two).

These are only a few of the fun events. Many more I don’t have photos of such as Court and I’s girl day, my mom and I’s fun filled Happy Hour at the Saki Bomber Lounge, my dad and I's traditional Xmas Eve shopping and lunch at La Bouvette, lots of dinners with my grandpa, time in DC with Kimberly, the list could go on.

I also attended a funereal for an Uncle that lost the battle he was fighting with cancer. Very sad but he is in a better place now enjoying life with my grandmas and grandpa. It was a great chance to see his family, as these are relatives I really like and have fun with.

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