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14 January 2009

Entrepreneur thoughts

Yesterday was a very unmotivated day. Internet/email wasn’t working properly. Not that I didn’t have loads of other work that could be done, but some days any excuse is a good reason to goof off. The American guys (I have an office of over 50 employees and only 4 of us are American! I love it) wanted to go to Early Bird so of course I was in! It is my second favorite restaurant in Kuwait.

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal and very hard to find American breakfast in Kuwait. Most breakfast options consist of an entirely different concept than ours. However about a month ago I heard about Early Bird. It is this tiny little restaurant in Mangaf operated by an American living in Kuwait. It seats maybe 20 people and stays consistently busy.

It is open from 5 am – 3 pm daily and only serves breakfast. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced, actually cheap by Kuwait standards - KD 5 or so (about $20 per person for a meal, drink, and tip).

*To be noted – pork is forbidden as it is a Muslim country so bacon, sausage, etc… is not of the pork variety.

Of course I find these places when it is time to leave, not when I first arrive! I think this would be a fun concept for CB. Unless you want to drive to West Omaha, our breakfast options are scarce. I don’t like the chains (except for Cracker Barrel) and the Old Market only serves brunch on Sundays. We could cater to the worker bees during the week and offer up fancy Brunch options on Saturdays and Sundays (of course to include mimosas, bloody mary’s, etc…). I even found the perfect building for lease in the Haymarket area. This seems to be an up and coming area right now.

Any investors?

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