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02 August 2009

When I become a purple haired

Old lady I want to be active. I want to travel the world. But not on those boring cruises and tours. On real adventures – hopefully I’ll have a grandchild (or more likely a niece or nephew) that will accompany me on these crazy outings. I want to go to the Y daily. I want to have a garden and be crafty. I also want to volunteer. In other words I don’t want to sit at home lonely with nothing to do but get old. On Monday I was honored to go speak to a Kiwanis club about my experience in Iraq and Kuwait.

Turns out this Kiwanis club had an average age of 81! They meet weekly and each week has approximately 50 members in attendance. Amazing really. They were telling me all about their different programs. They read to children in the poorer schools, mentor children with no father figures, organize fund raisers, and host camps. This group was so proud of what they do and I think that keeps you young. To have a purpose in life. To have a reason to get dressed up and leave the house.

Notice there were only two women! Amazing – talk about a great place for a single or widowed older lady to pick up husband number three or four! Guess I know what club to join if I hit 80 and need to search for a man. But on a serious note its inspiring to know that no matter your age you can be active involved and make a difference. It’s these experiences that make me grateful for the job I have.

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